Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!

What a difference a day makes. Today is overcast and foggy, unfortanately no sun in sight. The god news it is still around 45 degrees. The photo above was taken out my office window today. There are 3 guys washing windows on the building acrross the way. That is one job I could not, nor have a desire to do. The building to the left is the Sears Tower, you can see that the fog is pretty thick and visibility is only up to 25 floors or so.

I did manage to get my ass out to run last night after work. I did go outside, in the dark, but enjoyed every minute of the warmer temps. I seemed to quickly run 4.5 miles and shaved about five minutes of my normal treadmil time for the same run. I only saw one other person as I was starting out. The rest of my run was in solitude by the moonlight and stars (very peaceful). I am not sure if I will venture outside again tonight or will be stuck on the tradmill. I will have to see how the weather is later on.
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  1. Wow, totally different view today. Nice that you got in a great run last night. I also run much faster outside than on the treadmill. I hate that thing.

  2. I'm glad there are people brave enough to wash those windows...I get vertigo just thinking about it.