Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missing in Action

Where the hell have I been? What happened? Let me tell you. I have been missing lately. I have been running but not nearly as much as I should have or wanted to. Like most runners we have Type-A personalities and become focused on a goal, project or whatever the task at hand is. I have been obsessing over a project that I have spent too much time, effort and money into. I have been fixing the garage (man cave) up. I hung drywall, taped and mudded, primed and painted and even put in crown and base molding. My wife thinks I have gone over the deep edge. I do host a weekly poker game and we play in the garage so we do get use out of it other than parking the vehicles in it. It is also heated so even in the coldest of Chicago weather we stay toasty. I have also hung cabinets (from our old kitchen) and have a fridge and kegaerator. There is a TV and stereo as well. My project doesn’t stop here it just has begun. I plan on painting the floor with the epoxy coating and basically minimizing all the other items I have kept in it by cramming it into the shed. I don’t think it’s obsessive but more like focused.

Now as far as running goes, I have been feeling severe guilt as I have basically cut my mileage in half of where I would like it to be and where it should be. I went out last night, before working in the garage and had a great run. I almost forgot how much I enjoy fall running with the cooler temps, leaves crunching under foot and the awesome smells wafting in the air. I am making a promise to myself to not be so obsessed focused on the garage thing and put my health as a priority. I will run because I enjoy it, need it and want it!

I will post pictures once the Garage Mahall is completed. If you have any additional ideas that I could incorporate into my project, please feel free to share.