Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday Night Speed Work

Running has been going well, despite the fact I haven’t written about it lately. Last week, Friday, I had a night out with old school friends that I reacquainted with through Facebook. The get together was nice, but I just seemed to have not only lost touch with a lot of people, but our interests seemed to very different as well. I am concerned with trying to maintain my health, while it seems others are more consumed to partying. I did my fair share of that back in college, but now that I am almost 40 years old, I have a different direction in life. I am not saying their choices are wrong and mine right, I am just citing the difference in our existence. I am happy with my lifestyle choice and feel the wonderful affects that running and exercise bring me and would not change that for anything. I do enjoy going out once in awhile and a nice bottle of wine or a good beer, but try and limit this to moderation.

On my running front, I took off on Saturday, due to a late Friday night. I had every intention of running Saturday morning, but by the time I got going, I had to take my son to his basketball game and the rest of the day was just consumed by errands. I did get out for a great run on Sunday morning, albeit a little on the cool side at 18 degrees. I went out with no particular goal in mind but did a little over seven miles. That left me at 18 miles for the week. I probably should have had a little more in but I will try this week to be good.

I did start my speed work last night on the treadmill and it seemed to go well. I did 400m intervals and it was a little more difficult than I had thought but I felt great after four miles worth of this. I guess you’re never too old to learn new tricks.

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