Friday, February 20, 2009

Treadmill Bliss?

Happy Friday! The weekend is upon us and the forecast is predicting 6”- 8” of fresh white powder starting tonight for the greater Chicago area. I guess I can count on running on the treadmill for a little while longer.

Seriously, I have been having a good week of running, all of which occurred on the treadmill. I have been starting to embrace the treadmill and use the positive aspect of being able to easily track my intervals. I have a simulated red blip that circles around a 400m track, so you can identify to actually running on a ¼ mile track outside. It actually seems to help me with my speed work and I am trying to remain positive, with hopes of the weather breaking soon. I guess it helps that I was able to get out last weekend for an outside run to break the monotony as well. Nonetheless, I feel strong, positive and rearing to go, for some reason this week. It could be that I have been closely watching my diet and have stuck to my running schedule. I have a scheduled rest tonight and will also partake in a few liquid refreshments later on with some friends.

On a sucky note, I received a call from my wife this morning while I was on the train and she on her way to work. It appears my garage door has decided to breakdown. I just replaced the thing a year ago with a quiet drive belt instead of a chain drive, in hopes that it is a better unit. Luckily one of my poker buds used to install garage doors for a living so I was able to recruit him to help me. By help me, I mean install the whole thing while I watched and fetched tools. I called him this morning and he told me he would be over later this evening to check it out. I feel a little more at ease and can relax a bit, but still wonder how these things can happen after the opener is just one year old.

I will try to remain positive and hope that it is a minor fix and hope to carry this positive attitude into the weekend while it lasts.

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  1. Hi Tony, I found your blog in the running mix...treadmill bliss is a very optimistic out look. Good luck with training and the garage door.