Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Night Out

I have run on 3 days so far this week, for a total distance of 12 miles. Last night I was having pain while running, so I took it easy and only ran for 2.25 miles and did bicep curls to complete the workout. I think I need to alter my training to incorporate more spaced out rest days as well as work on my speed training. I plan on taking today (Friday) off as a rest day and do some quality distance this weekend. I would like to finish around 25 miles for the week.

I have been spending way to much time on Facebook lately. I did however, manage to arrange a Friday the 13th meeting tonight with a group of friends that I haven’t seen or heard from in quite some time, so I am happy for that. I am heading out to a couple of drinking establishments, so I must try and be good so I can get a morning run in. I am also going out solo, which means I even have to be more careful since I won’t have any telling me otherwise.

Since going away to college, many moons ago, I seemed to have lost touch with so many people and I have become intrigued with Facebook. I think my wife is starting to get annoyed with the amount of time I spend on it.

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