Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A kick in the Ass

I guess I just needed some motivation last night, like a kick in the ass from my wife. I came home yesterday feeling sluggish and declared I was tired and sore and was not going to run. My wife kindly mentioned to me that I took Friday and Sunday off and that I really should get my ass on the treadmill. I certainly couldn’t argue after she had just run 4 miles herself and was heading to the shower. I certainly couldn’t take the night off and feel good about it. After all, I never have said to myself after a run, I wish I hadn’t done that. Not to mention my wife, who just started running a few months ago, and was a smoker until last summer, just ran four miles. On a side note, I am very proud of Terri for this accomplishment, which was all done on her own accord. Although I like to think she may have seen me going through a metamorphosis, racing, excessively talking about running and having a better attitude about my health and the obvious benefits that go with it and felt that she wanted to do the same for her own health. My son and I are happy she has chosen this endeavor and support her in her journey.

With that being said, I humbly changed into my running gear and headed to the basement. I put in a movie (My Best Friend’s Girl) that I was watching on Saturday during my run, that I hadn’t finished yet. I started out at a slow pace for a quarter mile and proceeded to pick up the speed until I reached my normal pace. Before I knew it, the movie was over and I had gone 4.25 miles. I was happy with the results, especially since I hadn’t planned on any mileage last night, and felt energized and refreshed. I guess I just need a little kick in the ass once in a while to keep going, thanks Terri.


  1. Excellent Blog!

    Throwing a movie to do an indoor run/workout is a spendid idea.

  2. Thanks for the support, I appreciate it!