Monday, March 2, 2009

Going the Distance!

Saturday morning I went to the lab to get a blood test so I could see how my cholesterol, triglyceride and liver function is. I am on medication for blood pressure and cholesterol so I periodically monitor these things to know where my levels are at. After the test, I headed out the door for a run. My plan was to possibly do an 8 miler but would have been happy with 7.

As soon as I got outside, the wind hit me in the face and combined with the 18 degree temperature, I questioned my sanity. Nonetheless, I trudged on, after returning to get some hand warmers and face mask. The temps seemed to be a distant nuisance as I trotted on my merry way. The funny thing is I didn’t even see another soul out there, I think I was one of the nut jobs that people comment on when they drive by in their cars. I was feeling pretty good still around mile 6 and thought that I might try to go for a longer run than anticipated, so I took some Jelly Belly sports beans. I have never used these or any other types of aid, as I normally don’t do long enough runs that require this. I have to say, they went down easy and seemed to not bother my stomach, as I have read as a common problem from others. I am proud to say that I ran 13.1 miles in 2:14. I was pretty exited, I have only accomplished this once before on my treadmill. I wanted to see what it would feel like actually running outside. I think I may be ahead of my training schedule for the Madison ½ Marathon in May but feel a little relieved that I ran it and can now focus on other things like improving my form and increasing my speed.

Just this past month, I started to keep track of my runs online. My total for February is 17 runs for a total of 84.2 miles.

I took Sunday off as a much needed rest day and will see how I feel tonight when I get home from work to determine if I will run or not.


  1. You are definitely hardcore. 18 degrees - damn.

  2. Way to go on the 13.1! You'll be ready for a great time in Madison.

  3. Great job on the 2:14! You are going to kick butt in Madison.

    If I would have driven by you, I would have thought, "I wish that was me!" We got some sports beans to try too! I can't wait to get to that mileage.