Friday, March 20, 2009

2 Miler

Last night after work I planned my normal routine of trying to squeeze a run in between, dinner, spending a little time with the family and of course the Thursday night poker game. Before running, I decided to do push ups (100 total) and bicep curls. After my pre-run work out I decided to stay inside, it was a little cold and I didn’t feel like putting all gear on to deal with the weather and so I jumped onto the treadmill for my run. From the beginning, I was feeling sluggish and my legs felt heavy. I have felt like this before but always have been able to push past it. Last night I just wasn’t able to do it, so after 2 miles I was done. Two miles seems pretty lame. Was it the treadmill or me? Earlier in the day at lunch I walked farther than that. I don’t know what to make of it, I guess I need to move on and forget about it and focus on the weekend. Oh yeah, the weekend is here!

I am still debating weather to rest tonight and go for a long run tomorrow, or get a few miles in tonight as well as tomorrow. This may fall into the category of junk miles. I guess I will see how I am after the train ride and decide. Hopefully, I can avoid the pitfalls of riding the train home on Friday evening. The group I ride with will be stocked with plenty of cocktails for the ride home. This is a weekly Friday thing for most and daily for some of the train group.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Rest - take it easy - hang with the family. Don't try to make up a bad or missed run. Just stick with your routine and if you have a bad or missed run, put it behind you!

  2. Two miles is better than nothing . . . and I agree that you should probably take a day off and then get right back on track. Have a good rest of the weekend!