Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Busy Weekend!

Friday evening I accomplished what I had planned and ran a quick 5k once I got home from work. I ran faster than I have in some time and finished with a time of 25:59. After my run, quick shower and dinner, I was off to play cards. I had a great time playing, unfortunately walked away with $80 less than arriving. I had a good time and as long as I don’t do that too often I can stomach the loss.

Saturday morning I was off to the doctor’s to talk about my blood test results. My numbers did not look so good so we have doubled my cholesterol medicine to 80 milligrams of Provachol. My HDL cholesterol had gone up, unfortunately not enough to counteract my LDL so my doctor confirmed my inheritance of bad genetics. He told me he could see that I was working out from a physical standpoint as well as the increase in my HDL but that is not enough in my case. Sorry to bore with the cholesterol talk but I am at my wits end and hope the increase in medicine helps without killing my liver in the process. The doctor was running a little late on Saturday (an hour and a half late) so I was surprised when they took my blood pressure and told me that it was 110/70. I would have assumed that it was through the roof as I was a little perturbed at the time frame. I understand that things can run late, but an hour and a half, give me a break.

After I got home and had lunch I went out with my wife for a run. The weather was sunny and warm (60 degrees) and I was able to wear shorts. I ended up with 7 miles and my wife kept going for her longest run of 9 miles. We spent the rest of the day running errands (oil change, car wash 2 vehicles, haircut, running shoe shopping and dinner). We had dinner before our wine/sushi party and certainly glad we did. There were other things at the party but nothing I cared to eat so my decision to eat beforehand was a good one. I was the designated driver for Saturday, so I only had a few glasses of wine throughout the evening. The party was like a wine flight with Champaign, whites and then onto reds. There were about four different types of each category and multiple bottles of each. There was also a variety of single malt scotches to try, but I was driving so stayed away. We left around midnight and I was ready for bed after the long day.

Sunday was equally as busy. I was running around doing everything from putting air in bike tires, dropping my air compressor at my sister’s, cleaning up and grocery shopping. I then put out the basketball hoop so my son could play on the driveway and proceeded to shoot around with him for a while.

Today is equally as nice, weather wise and I went for a couple mile walk at lunchtime. I am going to try for 4.5 miles after work tonight. They are predicting 70 degrees for tomorrow, so I am debating taking the day off or should I be good and go to work. I leave you with a photo of my lunchtime walk.


  1. 70 degrees tomorrow?!? Dang you are lucky! And I thought things we all nice and sunny at 52 here HAHA!

  2. Chicago looks beautiful today. Enjoy the nice 70 degree days! Good for you getting in 7 miles this weekend!

  3. An hour and a half? Oh man. I think my blood pressure would be through the roof! That must be so frustrating that there is nothing you can do about your cholesterol :(