Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting out of the Office!

Since Monday, I have logged in 9.71 miles of walking during my lunch break at work. I have recently felt that I could capitalize on time that I normally wouldn’t be doing much with anyway. I even gathered a couple of other recruits from the office to join me. I have been using my Garmin to track mileage so I can accurately see what kind of distances we are actually going. In addition to my walking, I have been keeping up with my normal running schedule, so this is just an additional way to burn a few extra calories I didn’t need anyway. I also get to see different parts of the city that I wouldn’t normally go to. Here are some addition pics of my lunchtime walks this week.

With the warmer temperature, the neighborhood has come to life. It seems to have been desolate all winter and it is great to see the flurry of activity outside. My son (in the blue shirt) and some of the neighborhood kids were on my driveway playing basketball. I was even able to wash my car from all thee salt and winter grime. Even my dog was wanted to come out and play.

On the running front, things have been going well. The unseasonably warm temperatures have made outside running very nice. Monday we were up to 74 degrees, however today the temp is only around 40. I have officially gotten my bike out for the first ride of the year and went on a bike ride with my son last night for a little trip around the neighborhood. I hope to take advantage to use the bike to cross train as to not injure myself with too much running.

Work has been hectic this week and I am looking forward to the weekend already. Tonight is also poker night, so that will be a nice break and a chance to catch up with friends. Tonight’s game will be back to our regular low stakes so if I loose, it wont be like last Friday’s game at my friends house.

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