Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Personal Distance Record

Since I am home from work since school was called off for my son, I decided to get on the treadmill. I started off slow, but kept going and ended up with a new personal distance best of 10.25 miles. Funny thing, the treadmill shut off on me after 100 minutes and it started to keep the distance a little goofy, hence the 10.2 reading on the distance in the picture. I was watching the laps, so I knew where I was at. The balls of my feet started to hurt pretty bad so I decided that I was happy with my achievement and hit STOP! Prior to this my longest run was 8 miles, which I accomplished a few weeks ago.

Since my son was home, I figured my nephew would be home also since he lives a few Miles away. I went and picked him up, in 12 below zero weather, so they could hang out together and play the Wi and PS2. It is nice to have them both here so they entertain each other. I guess I can catch up on Facebook and some other surfing


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