Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Day @ Home

Due to frigid temps, school was canceled again. I stayed home with my son while wife went to work. I didn't mind to much since Thursday evening is poker night. It is hard to play cards on Thursday and get up for work on Friday because we don't play until 9:00 pm. Unfortunately this seems to be the only day/time that works for the group. My 4:45 alarm clock buzzes pretty early Friday morning but I suck it up because I enjoy playing and the company of the group. We usually play in my heated garage but there is no way the heater would have warmed the space to a comfortable temperature so we moved the game indoors to the basement last night.

I feel like I'm on vacation with taking Thursday and Friday off and having Monday off for MLK Day. I am going to work on Tuesday and taking Friday off for a long weekend to Galena. I kinda like those three day work weeks.

On the running front, I have not run yet as of today. I am still feeling good from my long run yesterday and have hopes of a short run later in the evening.


  1. I can never start anything that late in the day...If I don't keep moving right after work, I'm in bed by 9pm! Marathon training only made that worse...I was lucky to make it much past 8!

  2. I have conditioned myself over the years of this routine. I still would love to move the time, but it never works out.