Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday night I met up with my old college professors, alums and a few graduate students that they bring to Chicago every year. It was nice to see some of them and reminisce about old times. For economists, they can sure throw the drinks back. In fact, I ended up staying at the hotel in the city Friday instead of making my way home to the burbs. Unfortunately, I missed the 10:30 train on Saturday and had to wait 2 hours for the 12:30. The train schedule is not so good on the weekends. But alas, I made it home around 2:00 Saturday. My wife was not all that pleased with me, as I did not make these arrangements in advance. However she knows the people I was with so it was not too bad.

Saturday evening, we had plans for dinner with another couple, I know from the train so we made arrangements for my son to stay at my sister’s for an adult night out. After dinner, we swung by my sister’s and picked up Dante. Before dinner, we hid his Easter basket and plastic eggs filled with money throughout the house so he could hunt for them in the morning. After the hunt ensued and everything was found, my wife & I headed out for a run. She had run on Saturday, unlike me, so she was only going for 4 or 5 miles. After 2 ¼ miles, she turned around for 4 ½ miles and I continued running, out of guilt. I also was trying to detoxify my body of all the things I consumed on Friday and Saturday. I ran for 9 miles and felt good afterwards. I had worn my new technical shirt from the Run thru the Hills race last weekend and so did every other runner outside Sunday morning. I kept having people run by and say “nice shirt”.

Today the weather is not so nice, cold and wet, so I may take a rest day or the dreaded treadmill. I haven’t had to use it in a while so I am sure it has cobwebs on it.


  1. Nice nine miler and a great way to detox!

  2. Kudos to you for staying in the city - sometimes the harder choice is the better one.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend - glad you got a good run in!