Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Do It!

I feel like such a slacker lately. I have been super consumed with work and am having difficulty keeping up with my normal routine of things. I keep having Beth’s influence run through my head with “Shut up and…” run, blog, get living and stop complaining.

Enough of the excuses and I will try to get back to normal ASAP. Running has been going well and I am getting exited for my first ½ marathon in about 3 weeks. I am feeling good about the distance but concerned of my time. I know this is my first one and I should be more focused on completing this and getting it under my belt, but I would love to be close to the 2 hour mark. I guess I should just “ shut up” and focus on having fun and enjoying the race.

My wife and I went out this past Saturday for our long run. Unfortunately the weather was a little iffy. We had hoped to get 11 miles in, but it started raining after 8 ½ and I was concerned because I had my cell and mp3 that I did not want to ruin. It turns out it only was a drizzle, so we could have kept going, but my paranoia made us stop. On our way back, I broke my hydration belt and ended up carrying it for the last mile.

We have had so much rain here lately, my grass needed to be cut badly. I figured I would get the grass cut and go for a run last night. Unfortunately, my plans were foiled by a non-cooperative weed trimmer and blower. After sitting in the shed for a year, it took a little coaxing for everything to start up. After putting in new gas and taking 100 pulls to start, all the equipment was up and running, except for me. After all that I was a little tired and did not make my run. Now that I have that chore out of the way, I will be out there running tonight and the dog won’t get lost in the jungle of a back yard anymore.

To quote Andy Dufresne from one of my favorite movies, the Shaw Shank Redemption: I need to Get busy living, or get busy dying”.


  1. You've got to move it, move it
    You've got to move it, move it
    You've got to move it, move it
    You've got to:
    MOVE IT!

    Three weeks to go and I am raising my expectations of you. Hope that helps the motivation!

  2. Hey man, I can relate. It's definitely easy to let life get in the way of your workouts. Yesterday, I felt like crap and the last thing I wanted to do was run, but I made myself get out there. Amazingly enough, I felt great after my run and was so glad I got butt out there. Sounds like you're well prepared for your first half. Just relax and put your trust in the training you've done. Don't be too worried about the time. You know I've had a races where I accidently left my watch at home and each one I think I actually set a PR. Sometimes I think I use up all my energy looking at my watch! LOL!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments/support. I do appreciate it and it helps me stay motivated to have it.

  4. I love Beth's "Shut up" mantra! I am trying to live that too.

    I understand wanting a time goal on the half, because I did too - also under 2:00:00 hours. But I knew that based on my training, I could meet that. I didn't give myself a crazy goal. I imagine that is what you are doing too, and you'll meet that time!