Friday, February 26, 2010

Gym Rat

Well I am off to the gym tonight to sign up and see how it goes. There is a February special with no initiation fee and a monthly fee of $66. It has an indoor track, pool, classes for spinning, yoga and even tennis courts. I am not sure how much I will use it but I will give myself a month or 2 and see if I can get my monies worth out of it.

My wife and I have a ten miler planned for tomorrow morning. The forecast looks like it will be a high of 31, so not too bad. One of my poker buddies, Chad is training for the Illinois Marathon and will be running with us in the morning. He is much faster than us, but he just needs to get the mileage in and wants the company. It will push me to move a little quicker as well.

My Father in law finished installing my tile back splash in the kitchen yesterday. It turned out great and the only thing left is to grout. I hope to have some photos of the finished project to share after this weekend.

I am going for a blood test before my run tomorrow to test my cholesterol and triglycerides. As I have posted before, I have a long history of bad reading of these in my blood work. I was told to give up caffeine and alcohol for the past 7 weeks and to retest to see where my numbers are. I did not give those things up completely, but had limited my consumption drastically. I have not had alcohol for the past week. This is no easy task, As I keep a 1/2 barrel on tap at my house. I played poker last night and was the only one drinking water. On a side note, I ended up winning for a change. I guess it was just luck, right? Anyway, I have my fingers crossed that the numbers have gone down and that things are getting somewhat under control. If not I curse my Italian ancestors for giving me such shitty genetics.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and wish Jamoosh good luck at Gaspirilla distance classic tomorrow.


  1. Hi Tony,
    God, how did I not figure out that you were an Italian boy? Your name is Tony and you live in Chicago:) I hope that your testing goes well and that you will be able to drink soon. My grandma and mother have terrible high cholesterol. Two years ago I had my cholesterol level checked and my score was 123...I thought that this was pretty darn good! She told me that my bad cholesterol was not where it needed to be and that was one of the reasons that I started running:) Okay that and my twenty year reunion:)

    You should for sure take a few pictures of your updated kitchen looking all sparkly and new:) Good luck to you and Mrs. Tony on your ten miler tomorrow!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Good luck with the testing and the long run tomorrow! I am looking forward to weather in the 30s and nice warm, late Feb sun.

  3. I hope you like the gym, that's a great deal! I force myself to get over there at least 3 days a week...once I'm there I am fine and enjoy it but I don't like the process of actually driving there. I'd rather be out running :). Hope all turns out well with the blood work! Have a great weekend!!

  4. I would love a track at my gym! I tend to use the gym during the week while working and head outside on the weekend. I would also enjoy the pool

  5. I hope the blood test goes well!

    Enjoy the 10-miler! :)

  6. I've never joined or exercised at a gym. I've only been in a gym once in my life! That was to collect a race number. I do some upper body routines at home 3 times a week. I'm lucky that I can run outdoors throughout the year in South Africa. Good luck with all the blood numbers!

  7. You had to give up alcohol?!? OMG, I would have a fit if someone told me I had to give up the booze. Oh well, I guess if it keeps you did those tests go?

    I'm a member of a gym, but I never hardly go. Shame on me. That's a good price though.

  8. Looking forward to those pictures of the backsplash - I'll bet it looks awesome.

  9. No alcohol? With a half barrel on tap and ready...that is dedication. I do lots of home improvement projects (most of them poorly) but tiling and grouting are above my league. Hope it turns out.

  10. No cafene or alcohol!? What did you drink!?

    Running with people who are faster than me is always fun. I ALWAYS run faster than I thought that I could.