Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back in Business

It seems I have resolved my technical problems. I apologize if I have not been too responsive to anyone, but I assure you, I am reading your posts. It’s amazing how far behind you can get with just a short time away. Anyway, I am glad to be back and hopefully will not have any future computer issues.

Training is going well and I have been chugging along on my Hal Higdon 18 week program and incorporating a few extra miles in just to keep up with the level I was at anyway. I know this will change in a short time and I will wish I had rested up for the upcoming miles.

I have been going to the local gym lately with a friend of mine. She has a membership and they offer family hours but her husband chooses not to go, so I check in as him. They have an indoor track and it helps break up the monotony of running on the dreadmill. During the week, I have to run on the treadmill because it is dark and icy when I get home from work. I have also been able to incorporate a little lifting into my routine as well. I have been toying with the idea of joining the gym, but can’t seem to decide. They are offering a special for February with no initiation fee. The monthly fee is $65 and I don’t know if I will get my moneys worth. I am an outside runner, except for at night with icy conditions. I still have a few weeks to decide.

I have a nine miler scheduled for this Saturday, I haven’t run that distance since December and I am actually looking forward to getting out and putting some bigger numbers down. I took Monday off for President’s Day since my son was home from school and I was able to do a nice five miler in the morning, while it there was daylight outside.

Saturday, I had the new appliances delivered and I spent the rest of the day installing everything. I had a few issues with almost every piece but managed to get it done. The fridge had a leaking water line for the ice maker so I replaced that, the dishwasher required a part that didn’t come with it and I had to modify the Microwave install over the stove. Luckily with one trip to Home Depot I had everything I needed to complete the install. I have to say we are happy with the end result and it looks nice.

I have noticed a few new readers to my blog and I welcome you. I appreciate everyone’s comments and support.


  1. Hi Tony,
    Wow, 65 bucks a month!! That sounds pretty darn good to me. I am glad training is going well for you!! Good luck on your nine miler this weekend:)

    Woo hoo for new shiny appliances!! What is more impressive is that you installed it and fixed the issues yourself! Here at our house we call someone to help with the install....we are not as handy as you:) Boy, have we spent money at Home Depot!! Keep smiling Tony:)

  2. Good luck with the 9 on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

  3. Let's hear it for good weather and a good nine.

  4. Maybe just join for the winter while the weather is icy

  5. Hope you have good weather this weekend - it is getting nicer here, thankfully!

    I wish we had a good gym near us, it would be a great option for winter.

  6. Glad the tech issues are sorted. I'm lucky that I can run outside the whole year. Does go below zero, but not often below -4°C(24F).

    Enjoy your running!

  7. Have fun on your 9 miler. Keep those miles coming!

  8. What gym are you visiting that has an indoor track? How much does it cost for one visit? Sorry to be nosy. :) I have been wondering if there are any places around here with indoor tracks.

    Have a great 9-miler tomorrow! It is supposed to be rather nice (comparatively!)