Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten Things and a Cheese Head Medal

The weather still sucks in Chicago and I feel like a wimp for retreating to the treadmill after reading Marcia's blog today. She toughed it out and ran outside this morning. Anyway I will continue my first week of training tonight on the treadmill and head outside, rain or shine on Saturday for my 6 miler.

The Blue Moon is in and I'm still working the Wisconsin 1/2 Marathon angle with my wife. Heather told me I should because they have a cool cheese medal for finishing. I agree with her.

I have been tagged by Julie to list ten (10) things that make me happy.

Ten (10) things that make me happy!

  1. The most obvious is running. I am happy for what running has done for me, what is has made me and the feeling of health it provides me.

  1. Having Poker night on Thursday’s in my garage and the chance to BS with my buds makes me happy.

  1. The sweet nectar that New Glarus Brewing Company creates makes me very happy and sometimes buzzed!

  1. My wife and son always sometimes make me happy.

  1. Spending 3 day weekends in Wisconsin during the summer make very happy and relaxed. I am grateful to have a getaway for my family and me to spend our summers at.

  1. I am happy to have a steady job and to be employed. Some of my friends haven’t been as blessed as I have in that regard. It’s something I try not to take for granted.

  1. Friends make me happy. Both the ones I see physically and the Blog friends I communicate with in cyberspace.

  1. Building things make me happy. Back when I was going to college, I worked for custom furniture company and developed many valuable skills. I currently have a nice workshop and have built many pieces in my home and endless home improvement projects.

  1. Being able to run with friends make my day. I don’t often get running partners so when I do, it’s appreciated.

  1. Going to Wrigley field makes me happy. Nothing beats a cold beer and a ball park hot dog. Go Cubbies!


  1. Haha thanks for acknowledging my apparent resilience to this crap weather we're having. I've gotta say I've had enough of this single digit stuff. And, barring a tropic heatwave, I will be on the MILL tomorrow for my tempo.
    Wow a cheese medal? I may have to forego Boston 2011 for that...

  2. Erin and I are running the Wisconsin Half. Be there or be square!

    Great list! I love getting away in the summer. I always feel refreshed when I return!

  3. Ballpark dogs - nothing could be finer!

  4. Hi Tony,
    Wow, you are fast, I am very impressed! You have a great list! In this days economy we should all be lucky to have a job:) I love the fact that you included your wife and your son on the list...and they should too! Heres to running, poker nights and good friends! My husband also gets a pocker night, but his is about once a month! Thanks for sharing Tony:)

  5. Great list! Yes, we very easily take things for granted. We have more to be happy about than we realize.

  6. Nice list, especially like #7! A cheese medal would be really fun. Have a blast!!

  7. Great list. Glad you agree with me about that cheese medal. :)

  8. Good luck with the training. Cold weather is a major drag. I've not been running outside here in the twin cities either, but the treadmill builds discipline if nothing else.

  9. I would agree with you that the cheese medal is the reason to run it.

  10. Thats so awesome that you can do custom woodworking. I am probably the least mechanically inclined person in America, but I dream of retiring and making furniture. Good List.

  11. I love running with friends too but don't have as many to run with as other "bloggies" seem to. But I certainly appreciate my steady weekend runner friend.