Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday Night at the Races

Last night I ran the Jim Gibbons 5k at Chicago's lake front. The weather was humid and quit muggy, but there is nothing like running along the lakefront after work. Like most races this was for a good cause, leukemia research. I talked one of my buddies I ride the train with to run with me and in turn he recruited someone from his office as well. I have not been able to find my official time yet but my Garmin indicated it to be 25:47. If that is the case, I missed my PR by 3 seconds. It is motivating to see so many peole running and I really enjoy running these Thursday races after work in the summer. Now that I have been running longer distances, I found it hard to pace myself effectively for a 5K.

I am looking into another 1/2 marathon in Madison. They are having a mini marathon in August and I think it will keep me on track to keep my weekly mileage up.


  1. Good show. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Nice job on the race! It's tough to run races after work.

  3. I hope it was cooler by the lake last night than it was in Lake county! Ugh! I cannot imagine running a race in that humidity. You were so close to your PR! Great time!

    That Madison race sounds good :)Is that the one on 8/29?