Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Onto the next one

I seem to be slowly getting back into my grove since the ½ marathon. I ran almost 20 miles last week and biked as well. After the race I became a little lax on my eating and have gained about 4 or 5 pounds. I am not too happy with myself about that and need to focus on getting rid of the extra weight. Those damn carbohydrates!

My wife and I were looking into running the Chicago ½ marathon in September. I was first looking at the Chicago Rock and Roll ½, but it is sold out already. I can’t pull the trigger on a full marathon just yet. I am not confident enough in my ability to complete such a task. The good news is that the race in September will put me in the 40 year old group. On second thought that group may be better than the previous age group, crap.

I think I need to do this to keep motivated in my running. Why can’t being healthy be motivation enough?


  1. Running a half or full marathon is almost a sure fire way to gain weight in the post-race weeks.

    One way to refocus is consider taht for every pound you lose, you can subtract about a minute from your overall time for a half marathong.

  2. I usually need sometime on the calendar to keep me motivated, too. The Chicago half sounds fun!

  3. Sometimes, during speed drills, I imagine the carbs are chasing me. I like to think of events as part of the running vision and being healthy is the nice bonus. Halfs are my favorite distance.

  4. I run to stay healthy, but the training it what keeps me more committed, you know? Nothing wrong with that!

    There is a half marathon in Oak Brook in Sept. too.