Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost no Bull!

I had a nice dinner last Friday with my fellow Alumni and professors from my college (EIU). It was starting to get late and I needed to head out to catch the 10:30 train. I said my goodbyes and promised to visit the campus soon, when one of the professors approached me and asked if I liked basketball. I said sure and didn’t know why he would ask, but he then asked if I would like tickets to the Chicago Bulls game to take my son to for that Saturday night. I said thanks and told him my son will be thrilled. I called Dante on my walk to the train and told him about the game and pulled out the tickets to give him the seats location so he could look it up online to see where they were located. I put the tickets in my coat pocket and looked at my watch and realized I needed to hustle to get to the train on time. I arrived at the station with about ten minutes to spare and felt in my pocket and the tickets were gone. I had a few options at this point, get on the train and forget about it, retrace my steps in the hopes of finding them and miss my train or run like hell to try and find them and try and catch the 10:30 train. I chose the latter option and ended up running three blocks to discover the tickets sitting on the sidewalk. I was incredibly lucky that they were still there. Now I just needed to make it back to the station before the train took off otherwise it was another hour wait for the next one. I sprinted back with everything I had and run up the stairs into the station and onto the platform. I just made it before the doors closed and grabbed a seat. I was all gross and sweaty and I am sure looked like hell, but I made the train and had the tickets securely in my pocket this time.

The next morning I had a seven mile run and I was still a little sore from sprinting in dress shoes the night before. I managed the seven alright but it wasn’t my best run by any means. After the run I had an appointment to go to speak with my Dr. about my recent blood test. I was the last patient of the day and the doctor was very casual and took all the time answering questions that I needed. That was a welcome change. My doc told me that the cholesterol medicine was not causing my increase in the kidney BUN test, but asked if I was taking a supplement with Creatinine in it. I said no, but told him I was training for the marathon possibly running more and that I joined the gym and had started lifting weights. He thinks that could be the cause for the extra creatinine in my blood but wants me to take another blood test to be sure. I can’t work out for three days and need to have a blood draw to see the level. I worked it out with a morning run 2 rest days and then an afternoon run so I only am missing a cross training day. I also asked if I could stop taking the expensive non-generic medicine (Zetia). He said it was not the reason my numbers went down and told me to stop taking it. I was thrilled as this will save big $$$. I have my fingers crossed that the extra muscle building is the cause for the increased creatinine.

After the doctor, I had my son’s All Star basketball game and then we went to dinner and into the city for the Bulls game. After finding reasonable parking accommodations of $18, we walked to the United Center. We found our seals, first row in the club level and sat down. Down on the floor in front of us was Lovey Smith (head coach of the Chicago Bears) and the three new players they just drafted. My son was in sports heaven. The Bulls lost to the Mavericks, but we had a great time nonetheless. It was a nice way to spend the evening bonding with my son. Dante is 10 years old & I know these days are numbered.

Sunday I did taxes and afterward Terri, Dante & I all headed to the gym. I did a little lifting and biking, Terri biked and used the elliptical and Dante ran 2 miles on the track. Afterward we headed to the pool to relax. It was a busy weekend, but I enjoyed it.

Last night the weather was unseasonably warm (45 degrees) when I got home and I decided to run outside. I grabbed a flash light, put on shorts and headed out. I ran a quick 3 miler and then back home for dinner. I have 6 miles to complete tonight and I hope the rain stays away long enough for another outdoor run. I really miss running in shorts outside.

We are up to a 12 mile run for this Saturday’s training run. I haven’t run that distance since the last ½ marathon I did back in August. I am sure it will be fine.


  1. Hi Tony,
    That is a great picture of you and your son! He looks alot like you:) What a fun night that you had....getting to go to the Bulls game! We are huge b-ball fans here:) Funny story about dropping the tickets:) Thank goodness that you were able to find them! Way to sprint like a rock star in dress shoes!

    Good job on getting your runs in! Good luck with your twelve miler this weekend! I am really liking this 40 degree weather we are having. Hopefully we will be running in shorts and short sleeved shirts soon:) Take care Tony!

  2. Sounds like a great time with your son!

  3. You were really lucky to recover those tickets! Spending time with your son is great. My son will be 9 tomorrow (12 March). They are so special.
    Good luck with all the training and blood tests!

  4. Dang - you have been B.U.S.Y!

  5. Wow! Thank heavens the tickets were there AND you made the train. More than once, I have had to hustle to the train... I hate feeling all sweaty when I sit down. Oh well though!

    I am happy to hear you can stop taking one of the medications! :)

    Hasn't the weather been great? I just wish it wasn't supposed to rain so much! Enjoy your 12-miler! :)

  6. Days like that are what we are living for!

  7. Running has served you well running around town retrieving the tix. What a fun outing--I haven't been to a Bulls game since MJ's time.
    Congrats on getting off the Zetia!

  8. Busy, busy time. I have also pulled the I have tickets and then lost them routine. Uh oh, but your story had a happy ending.

    A 12 mile run sounds great. Hope the weather holds for you.

  9. You will be fine for the 12 miler!

    That picture with your son is really cute. I think it is awesome that your whole family goes to the gym together.

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  11. Hi, Tony!

    All good stuff! Your son is adorable. I have a 10 year old son also, so I know what you mean about realizing how fleeting your time with them is.

    Good luck on your 12 miler tomorrow. You are doing so good, I'm sure you'll rock it!

    I hope you have another excellent weekend!

  12. Awesome son bonding time! So fun!! They grow up way too darn fast... :(
    Good luck with the 12 this weekend, woohoo! Sending speedy leg vibes your way!

  13. WOW! That is so awesome about the tickets. True story: I've never been to an NBA game. I need to get to a suns game soon.

    Very interesting about the blood test and the creitine. I wouldn't have put two and two together about that. So, if you stop lifting for 3 days and the levels come down - then what?

  14. what a great story I can see the movie version :) congrats on taking the chance and making the train I am sure it was worth it!!