Monday, November 9, 2009

Vet-Run 2009 Race Report

I have been nursing a cold (hopefully not H1N1) the past week but still managed to drag my but out for a few runs. I figured I would try and sweat the cold out of me by running. Unfortunately, I couldn't shake it and am still taking cold meds this morning again.

Last week I managed to get out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday prior to my Sunday morning 10K. I managed to get in 20 miles for the week, which is great since I have been slaking throughout the month of October. I feel like I am getting back on track. It 's funny how I can run this mileage sick, but last month being healthy, I had problems. I think motivation and burnout were my bigger issues, hopefully past me now.

We have had unseasonably great weather in the Chicago area the past week and the weekend was no exception. Sunday morning was the most perfect running conditions you could ask for. My wife , Terri and I headed out to the race Sunday morning and picked up my friend Billy to join us. We also met another couple at the race. I always enjoy running when you have a great group of friends there. I love having the support and being able to support them as well. Anyway, the race was to support Veterans and they had a whole series of events to pay homage to our Veterans. They had opening ceremonies before the race with military present and even a flyover with a WWII plane. They even had the moving miniature Vietnam wall on site. What an impressive site to see.

The race went off without a hitch. They ran a 5k and 10k simultaneously so things were a bit bunched up at the start. It took a good 1/2 mile for the crowd to break into their pace groups and from there everything was fine. Like I said, we had spectacular running weather with blue skies, sunshine and temps in the 60's. Unfortunately I knew I wasn't going to PR since I was on dayquill, but nonetheless I still felt good. It really felt great to be out in the sun and running in November in Chicago. I ran the course with my friend Billy until the split where the 5k and 10k separated. Billy was itching to get moving a little quicker and I told him to go and not let me hold him back. I slowed down during miles 4 and 5 but picked it up again from there to finish strong. I unofficially had a time of 55:45. This is about 3- 1/2 minutes off my PR time but I am still happy. When I crossed the finish line my two friends were there to greet me and we stayed and waited for my wife and my other buddy's wife to finish. Everyone in our group crossed within minutes to finish under an hour.

Last year when I ran this race it was my first 10k ever and longest distance run to date. I feel like I have accomplished a lot since this point last year. I have completed 2-1/2 marathons and numerous 10ks and 5ks throughout the running season in 2009. I look forward to 2010 and what it may bring. I think I am going to try the Madison full Marathon this May and see what I can do. I know I need to get my ass in gear and stay the course for some heavy duty training, but I think I may be ready for this next step. It is encouraging reading everyones journey in blog land and seeing how you progress in your own training and racing. I hope I can keep motivated through this great support network of people out here.

My buddy Wes had his camera and her are a few photos.


  1. That's too funny that you're in the photo my husband took of me at the start!

    What a beautiful day for a race, huh? You must have passed me at some point. You really have accomplished a lot in the past year. Nice job!

  2. What a great day for a race - and what a great finish time! I am happy you felt well enough to do it, and hope you feel 100% better soon!

  3. Nice! You deserve the next keg of New Glarus!

  4. That is a cool race. I love WWII airplanes. There used to be an air show close to a house where I used to live, and these big lumbering B-17's would fly over my house. Wow, what a sight. It was moving so sloooowww I thought it might drop out of the sky.
    I hope you maintain the motivation and 2010 brings another good year. I face many of the same challenges, with Thanksgiving, holidays, etc., right around the corner. And then winter. But next spring I will be glad.

  5. Nice job on the race! How great to get out there and run on such a beautiful fall day.