Monday, September 28, 2009

Hanging Around

I haven’t felt like I had anything worthwhile to say lately so I have been keeping a low profile. Running has been going well. This past Saturday, I did a nice 10 miler with a friend of mine who is doing the trail ½ Marathon. I declined on running this due to my inexperience with the trail side of things. I wouldn’t mind trying to do some trail running but I think I should set my aim for a few miles before I commit to anything such as a ½.

I haven’t signed up for any races in October. Partly because I haven’t found anything that is of interest and partly because I seem to have quite a few weekend social obligations for the month. I still am trying to get my 20-25 miles during the week in so I don’t feel so guilty for indulging in too many Octoberfest brews. There are some mighty tasty beers that I am coming across as well.

I am closing up the summer place next weekend and it seems somewhat bittersweet. I will surely miss spending weekends at the lake, but I need to catch up on the projects at home I have been putting off for the summer. I know April/May will be here before I know it and the cycle will start again.


  1. Glad you're still getting the miles in! I can't believe it will be October on Thursday . . . summer went by too fast. It is nice to have the schedule slow down a little and be able to get things done, though.

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  3. Thanks for the support throughout my training! Knowing somebody was reading my blog gave me more motivation to keep trying to find ways to overcome my injury and finish the race. It's funny you mention trying to keep up your training in spite of downing some brews. From mid October to January I tend to slack big time on training, put on 15 lbs and then realize I should start getting in shape again. Hopefully I find the willpower to avoid that this year!

  4. Drinking beer should never induce guilt. What you do while drinking beer, on the other hand, should.

  5. South of the Cliff,
    Good point!


    I am glad to be part of a great network of people who can support each other through our trials and tribulations. Our friends in everyday life often don't comprehend what it takes to be a runner and the support of others who share the passion help tremendously.